The use of services from CherryVM constitutes agreement to these terms.

CherryVM is first and foremost a web hosting provider. We do offer email services as an added convenience, however, there are policies that our customers must be aware of and follow. Customers with large mailing lists and those that need to send substantial amounts of email should consider a dedicated mailing provider. The limits listed in this document apply to each cPanel account [hereafter referred to as "account"].

1.) Limits

Any attempt to bypass any mailing restrictions or limitations enumerated in this document may result in the suspension and/or termination of all related services.

  1. All accounts are limited to 500 emails sent per hour. Any mail above and/or beyond this limit will fail and will be discarded without delivery.
  2. All accounts have a fair-use limit of 6,000 individual messages and/or recipients per day.
  3. Any account receiving more than 10 spam reports over a rolling 180 day period or 5 spam reports over a rolling 7 day period may, at our discretion, have email services disabled.
  4. Scripts and/or software which sends email as a result of user activity (including but not limited to: user registration, user comments, forum subscriptions, etc) must include measures to prevent abuse.
  5. "Refer a friend" and "tell a friend" type of forms where a custom subject and message body can be entered by the visitor submitting the form are strictly prohibited.
  6. Direct SMTP mailers, such as DarkMailer, are not permitted.

2.) Mailing Lists

We do not permit the use of our services for any mailing lists or email distribution lists.

3.) Forwarded Email

Messages forwarded to external mail providers via our servers may not be reported as spam regardless of their content. If you wish to report messages that were forwarded, as spam, you can create a local email account on the account, obtain the headers of the spam messages directly from our service, and use those details to report the message. Reporting a message we forwarded to a third party mail service, such as HotMail or GMail, will report your service as having sent the spam and not the actual originator of the message.

4.) Default cPanel Account Email

The default mail account created with every cPanel account may be emptied daily. Often this default mailbox is ignored resulting in hundreds of thousands of emails filling this box that are never reviewed by a human. You are welcome to create a "catch-all" and to point it at an on-server email account.

Email Policy updated Thursday, November 3rd, 2022.