The use of services from CherryVM constitutes agreement to these terms.

The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that CherryVM offers. Because web hosting services by nature rely on a combination of customer supplied client software and third-party products it is important to define what is supported by our company and what is the responsibility of the customer and/or third-party software vendors.

We Support

Common Services. We actively monitor and ensure that all basic services are working, such as email, FTP, SSH, web serving, and cPanel. If you feel a service is not working, we will manually check to make sure it is working as intended.

Server Software. We will maintain and secure all software that resides on a server, such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP. We will control and determine the version and configuration of software on our servers. As a result, software we have installed may not always be the latest version available or be compatible with your own software. When possible we will give you the option to choose your versions for example PHP versions.

Hardware. We will monitor and maintain all of the server hardware. In the event of a hardware failure, we will replace any faulty hardware as soon as possible.

Your Responsibility

Internet Training. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of internet concepts such as DNS, email, and FTP. While not strictly necessary it is often helpful in understanding any issues that may arise.

Data Backup. You are responsible for maintaining current backups of your files and data. We may maintain our own backups for the purposes of disaster recovery, however, we do not guarantee the availability or integrity of our backups nor do we promise the restoration of any lost data.

Domain Names. You are responsible for using the supported services provided by your domain registrar for anything related to your domain name registration. If you choose not to use our nameservers you are responsible for properly configuring your DNS records to point your domain properly at our services.

Email Client Configuration. Configuration details for mail clients are shown within each cPanel account, however, we will not assist you in configuring or troubleshooting third party mail clients including but not limited to: Mac Mail, Outlook, Windows Mail, etc. Should you believe that email services are not functioning normally we will confirm the proper operation of the mail services.

FTP Client Configuration. Basic FTP details are provided in account welcome emails and within the cPanel, however, we will not assist you in configuring or troubleshooting third party FTP clients. Should you believe FTP services are not functioning normally we will confirm the proper operation of the FTP services.

Scripts, Applications, and Software. You are fully responsible for the installation and operation of any and all scripts and applications. We will not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or applications. You are responsible for maintaining the latest version of any and all scripts and applications. This is a policy we must strictly adhere to.

Support Scope updated Thursday, November 3rd, 2022.